Professional maintenance of water features ensures a long service life and permanent attractiveness of your water feature

Ds water feature care care product for water features

Highly concentrated, professional-looking water feature care products, can also be used for marble water features

As a water feature and fountain manufacturer, we have tested various water additives and were not completely satisfied with any product. That's why we have a professional Water addition developed which meets our high requirements. The feedback from our customers shows how good our product is. No calcification, no unpleasant smells, no bacterial infestation (no algae formation). Then our product is also biodegradable. So it fulfills all the wishes of a water feature manufacturer and also those of the end customer.

In order to enjoy the fountain fountain for a long time, you should also have a cleaning service at certain intervals. Important for the function of the pump. The most important enemy of the water object is the lime contained in the water. With the right effective means, you can also pour tap water into any well, for large water objects only tap water is economically possible. With a cleaning service you should always pay attention to suitable cleaning agents. Do not clean pumps with vinegar, this can have costly consequences.

With the right care products, you will have a lot of fun for a long time. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the care program.

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