The fountain's water feature transforms every garden into an oasis of happiness

The fountain as a decorative element in your own garden whether as a fountain, terrace fountain, ball fountain, waterfall or ornamental fountain sets special accents

The garden fountain brings the element of water to life, it keeps it in motion, the flowing water, which fascinates us all so much.

Fountain types: There are a wide variety of fountains related to the material such as stainless steel, Corten steel, natural stone and artificial stone. There are no limits to individuality when it comes to size, material and equipment. LED light effects or lighting is now one of the standards to put the garden fountain in the right light in the evening. Electronically controlled water features such as fountains crown our water object.

How it works: The heart of every well is the pump, which transports the water from the water reservoir through the well. The pumping capacity of the pump is calculated according to the size and type of the well. The well is operated with electricity or solar power, with a solar module generating the electricity for the pump.

Care: To ensure that the pump runs smoothly, the water should be clean and free of limescale. There are special additives for this purpose, which will ensure that you enjoy your water feature for a long time.

Fully in line with the trend of the Corten steel fountains, timeless, unique quality Made in Germany

Ball fountain with rotating ball made of granite

Simply magical how the ball turns on the water, whether horizontally or vertically and up to a ball diameter of 300 cm

Natural stones, whether granite, fuxite or marble, we manufacture according to your wishes

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