DS Acrylglas Underwater Tunnel Aquarium, the breathtaking passage through an underwater world

Aquarium tunnels or underwater tunnels

PLEXIGLAS®, DS® acrylic glass aquarium tunnels offer a unique perspective on a wide variety of animal species.
Surrounded by the most diverse sea creatures, the tunnel gives the impression that the viewer is a part
the incredible underwater world. Underwater aquariums provide an unforgettable experience. At the same time, acrylic glass offers a near-natural visual pleasure due to its high translucency. You feel like you are part of the grandiose underwater world. Particularly impressive as a Shark Tunnel.

aquarium tunnels
PLEXIGLAS® aquarium tunnels
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DS® Acrylic Glass Tunnel Aquarium

What material do you use for tunnels, underwater aquariums, shark tunnels

As a manufacturer of tunnel aquariums, we use the highest quality acrylic glass. PLEXIGLAS® or DS® acrylic glass, the raw materials and production decide
about Quality of the acrylic glass. Specially developed adhesive ensures invisible adhesive surfaces and extreme durability. Each acrylic sheet leaves only
the production after a comprehensive quality control to prevent any problems arising during assembly. Quality is our top priority
and this is also confirmed by the feedback from our customers.

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Manufacturer Tunnel Aquarium
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Shark underwater tunnel

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