COR-TEN® steel is an ecological and sustainable material; known as modern and weatherproof structural steel, it is an important component of interior and exterior architecture

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What distinguishes Corten steel?

Cor ten steel, also known as Cohrten steel or Cor-ten steel, is considered to be “weatherproof structural steel” in Germany. Forms under the influence of weather
a barrier layer on its surface. This protects the component from further corrosion. With ongoing weathering, this top layer is constantly renewed.
The material name Corten steel was made up of the syllable “Cor”, which denotes the corrosion resistance, and the syllable “Ten”.
This stands for tensile strength. Even with long periods of moisture, the maximum corrosion of Corten steel is in the range of
only 0,2 millimeters, often even less. A period of 100 years and more is assumed here. The high value retention makes Corten steel in bridge construction,
Garden landscaping is also the ideal material for facade cladding and interior architecture.

Corten Steel Round Planter (1)
Corten steel planter round
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Large corten steel planter
Corten steel planter oval
Corten steel planter oval
Corten steel planter without bottom
Corten steel planter without bottom

Natural beauty and a long-lasting attraction and that timeless. The special thing about it is that there is no need for maintenance. Profile yourself as an architect
or as a landscaper and horticulturist and at the same time make a contribution to sustainability.
COR-TEN® steel is a versatile material. An optimized chemical composition and a predictable behavior of the material offer unlimited possibilities of application.
It gives natural beauty to the environment in which it is used. COR-TEN® steel is used in architecture and in gardening and landscaping
new accents and is gaining new lovers every day. Whether for exterior architecture or interior architecture, COR-TEN® steel is becoming more and more important in innovative, sustainable design.

Bed edging corten steel corner round
Bed edgingcortensteelstraight
How is the rust layer or patina formed?

Steel rusts like any other steel, so it is exposed to different weather conditions, wet and dry. COR-TEN® steel
does not differ in appearance from other steels after production. However, after a period of weathering, the steel catches
to rust and forms a dense patina which seals the steel surface and prevents further rusting. This layer of rust has
the most varied of browns.
Before delivery, our COR-TEN® steel products are treated with a rust accelerator developed by us, so that they can be used as soon as they are received
The products can experience the full beauty and color variety of the patina.

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Garden fountain corten steel model Stuttgart (1)
Round corten steel fountain Vienna (2)
Round corten steel fountain Vienna (1)

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