Laminar Jumping Jet fountains your manufacturer with exclusive control systems (DMX, BMS), also controllable via the ipad

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Jumping jet fountains, the unusual water feature for the discerning, apparently the laws of physics are being overridden

Particularly, constantly changing water effects accompanied by a million colored light spectrum that makes a jumping jet fountain

Precise designs and the highest quality materials are essential for a jumping jet.

As if by magic, flying water, a dynamic water feature, combined with impressive light and play of colors.
Can also be combined with a sound system to attract the highest possible level of attention and a flood of admiration.
Nozzle systems specially made by us enable the most spectacular water effects.

Jumping jet systems create spectacular computer-controlled water effects paired with exclusive light effects.

The water jet rises out of the opening and flies precisely on a predetermined parabolic path as if cut off
into a small collecting opening.
The transparent water jet can be displayed continuously or cut in different lengths. The
combine different water launch variants.

Accompanied by the latest LED technology, the water jet appears to fly independently and in a wide variety of variations.

The Jumping Jet systems can be operated both indoors and outdoors.

Jumping jet fountains this water feature pulls everyone under its spell, simply because it is fascinating, these water effects.

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