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DS GmbH- Doberstein Group-PLEXIGLAS®, DS® acrylic glass and glass aquarium, fountains, water walls, pools, manufacturer DS® acrylic glass production and processing. We manufacture and deliver according to your specifications.

The element of water determines our motivation. Our competence as a manufacturer and service provider is divided into different areas.

Doberstein Group

Aquariums PLEXIGLAS® DS® acrylic glass aquariums also as XL, XXL large aquariums
Aquarium glass with on-site assembly according to your specifications, aquarium construction special shapes

Aquarium construction made of PLEXIGLAS®-DS® acrylic glass Made-to-measure aquarium, also as XL-XXL large aquarium systems

As a supplement to the aquarium construction, we offer you with selected competent partners the complete technology and equipment. If desired, we can also take care of regular maintenance.

In our shop Aquarium Manufactory you will find all prices for your desired aquarium.

Aquarium round and cylinder aquarium made of PLEXIGLAS®, DS acrylic glass the material offers unlimited possibilities in terms of size and shape.

The DS GmbH is not only your partner for the production, furnishing and equipping of ultra-modern and individual design aquariums, whether made of glass or PLEXIGLAS®, DS acrylic glass. Whether round as a cylinder, no matter in what shape, there are almost no limits to the production of an aquarium. We also attach great importance to perfect service when it comes to aquarium maintenance and are therefore your contact person here as well.

Regardless of whether it is freshwater or saltwater aquariums, our employees have many years of experience in aquarium system construction - aquarium maintenance and are always at your disposal.

Freshwater or saltwater aquariums, our employees have many years of experience in building / maintaining aquariums.
PLEXIGLAS® pool acrylic glass pools
DS® acrylic glass, PLEXIGLAS® pool, pools made to measure, swimming pool, infinity pool
Modular plant wall from 2sqm, expandable to any size

Granite ball fountain with a floating ball, up to a ball diameter of 3 meters
Water column-multimedia-water column-762x456
Enchanting water and play of light, also made to measure
Terrarium construction with the best glass qualities, with a glass terrarium

Corten steel water wall, the trend material Corten steel

Bubble wall Austria, Bubble wall Germany, water wall, water walls
The magic of water is skilfully staged with multimedia fountains, show fountains and jumping jets
Manufacturer DS® acrylic glass GS-XT, acrylic glass processing