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The element of water determines our motivation. Our competence as a manufacturer and service provider is divided into different areas.

DS GmbH or Doberstein Group-Passion in quality

Doberstein Group as a manufacturer of PLEXIGLAS®, DS® acrylic glass and glass aquariums, aquariums, fountains, water walls as well as COR TEN steel products, pools and manufacturers of DS® acrylic glass production and processing. We manufacture and deliver according to your specifications.

Doberstein Group Passion in quality

Doberstein Group - Passion In Quality
Manufacture of PLEXIGLAS®, DS® acrylic glass aquariums, also XL, XXL large aquariums
Aquarium construction Glass aquariums also made to measure
Manufacturer of glass aquarium with on-site assembly, we also manufacture made-to-measure, made-to-measure aquarium construction.

Manufacturer PLEXIGLAS®-DS® acrylic glass aquarium, made to measure, also XL, XXL and large aquarium and aquarium systems

As a supplement to the aquarium construction, we offer you the complete planning as well as the visualization as well as the technology with stocking and assembly. 

If desired, we can also take care of the regular aquarium service.

In our aquarium shop Aquarium Manufactory you will find various price examples for your desired aquarium.

Aquarium round and cylinder aquarium made of PLEXIGLAS®, DS® acrylic glass, this material offers unlimited possibilities for the shape and size of the aquarium.

Manufacturer large aquariums inclusive technology
DS GmbH Project Flair Fürth

The DS GmbH is not only your partner for the production but also responsible for setting up and equipping ultra-modern and individual design aquariums. Whether made of glass or PLEXIGLAS®, DS® acrylic glass. Whether round as a cylinder, no matter what shape, there are almost no limits to the production of an aquarium. We also attach great importance to perfect service when it comes to aquarium maintenance and are therefore your contact here too. Regardless of whether it is freshwater or saltwater aquariums, our employees have many years of experience in aquarium system construction, as well as in aquarium maintenance, and are always at your disposal.

Large aquariums made of Ds acrylic glass Ds Gmbh Salzburg
XXL, Large Aquarium Flair Fürth
Aquarium filter technology at the highest level
Aquarium filter technology in the flair of Fürth
Manufacturer Ds acrylic glass pool discs including assembly
DS® acrylic glass swimming pool
Manufacturer Cor Ten Steel Water Wall Or Water Walls
COR TEN steel water wall
Water tables in exclusive designs
Water table perfection in DS® acrylic glass
Aquaristic shop, aquaristic accessories
DS GmbH your aquarium partner
Fountain systems, public fountains
Fountain systems, jumping jets, multimedia fountains
The water wall as a room humidifier and interior design
Water walls, the convincing water feature of modern architecture
Production of the acrylic glass Gs and Xt
Manufacturer and processor of DS®Acrylglas GS-XT colored and transparent
Green Wall Important Part Of Interior Design
Modular plant wall, moss wall, mobile and stationary in many sizes
Production Ball Fountains, Floating Objects
Fountain as a ball fountain with a horizontally and vertically rotating ball
Manufacturing pillars, Z
DS® Acrylic Glass Manufacturer, Round Aquarium, Cylinder Aquariums
Manufacturer Aquarium Tunnel
Tunnel aquarium aquaristics
Cor Ten steel products, corten steel shop
COR TEN steel products